Monday, February 23, 2015

Schier's Owner's Manual - fostering partnerships for the environment

When you scour the pretreatment program landscape it's not hard to see that many jurisdictions spend a fair amount of resources on marketing materials or campaigns designed to communicate the need for restaurants to reduce the discharges of fats, oils and grease (FOG) to help mitigate their destructive effects on collection systems.

Why do some restaurant owners see pretreatment requirements as the enemy when in reality both desire a healthy environment?

Wouldn't it be great if more restaurants viewed themselves as partners to the pretreatment community?

I'm not suggesting that there is some kind of magical elixir that will act like a love potion creating an instant bond and lifelong partnership between restaurants and pretreatment programs, but I do think that manufacturer's can help.

We believe most restaurant owners see themselves as part of the communities where they live and work and that, if they understood the serious environmental hazard that sanitary sewer overflows create, they would want to do their part to help eliminate this very real threat to human health and safety.

Schier created the Great BasinTM Series Owner's Manual to help restaurant owners understand the need for a grease interceptor, how to properly maintain their new Great Basin and how to mitigate the amount of FOG they discharge during normal kitchen operations, so they can feel good about doing their part in the fight against SSOs.

The environment is all of our responsibility and we all need to work together to eliminate SSOs and the danger they pose to our collective health and safety.

The partnership between grease interceptor manufacturer's, pretreatment authorities and restaurants is a potent force in this critical fight.

You can view the new owner's manual here:

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